Registering with

All registrations must be made online at ("the Site") and strictly in accordance with our rules. After successfully paying the entry fee, you will become known as a 'Player' in the terms following.

Each registered Player must use a unique and active email address. operates DAILY Fantasy Football Leagues with cash payouts. You must pay a league entry fee in order to enter our leagues. See more details in the next section.

ALL sign-up bonuses can only be used to enter a FantasyNG League, and are automatically added to your account when you make your first deposit of any amount.

Players can deposit a lump sum of money with FantasyNG and use it to enter several leagues. Once money is deposited it cannot be withdrawn or refunded, it must be used to enter a paid league. or its owners (B3 Gamimg Ltd) reserves the right to suspend and delete teams or Players that abuse the platform in any fraudulent manner.

Entering a Public League

FantasyNG currently offers daily fantasy football leages for the following competitions: English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA World Cup and FIFA European Championship.

Entry into our Daily Cash Leagues is currently open to residents of Nigeria, with Kenya and Ghana soon to follow. However all Players must have a valid method of payment: Mastaercard/VISA/Verve debit/credit cards, local bank accounts, or MPESA(Kenya).

You may enter leagues anytime throughout the football season, this is possible because new leagues are created every day on which there is a competition fixture. The competitions we support are listed below.

Each league has a different entry fee, with detailed payout amounts and winning positions shown before you enter.

On any day in which a fixture belonging to any the above competitions occurs, FantasyNG will offer a selection of Leagues for those daily fixtures which Players can enter and win cash prizes.

To enter a League, go to the 'Leagues' page and see whats available.
The entry deadline is highlighted in purple.
The numbers next to the League name, eg '(59/250)' display how many people have entered, and the maximum people allowed to enter that league, ie '59 out of 250' so far.

If a League reaches its maximum capacity of Players a new one is automatically opened by FantasyNG , so do not worry, you will always be able to enter any League you prefer as long as its before the League Deadline.

Clicking the 'info' icon will show you all the entry rules and prize payout structure for that league. Please be sure to read these.

Clicking 'Enter' will take you to the joining screen for that League where you will choose a team name. If you have already deposited enough money in your account the league entry fee will be deducted from your balance, otherwise you will be prompted to pay funds into your account by either card or bank account details.

Entering Multiple Teams

A Player can enter up to 3 teams in some Leagues, but only 1 team in others. Check individual league rules before entering. The League Entry Fee must be paid for EACH team you enter in the League, considering that the more teams you enter, the higher your chances are of finishing in a prize winning position.

Creating your team

Team Size

If you have entered a league you should see that league on the 'My Teams' page, with a link to the teams you have entered, ie Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, etc. Click/Tap a team to display that team on screen.

You must then select a fantasy football team of 11 players, with the following formations allowed:



The total value of your initial squad must not exceed £500 million.

Players Per Team

You can select up to 3 players from a single Premier League team, except on matchdays where there is only 1 fixture. In this case you may select up to 6 players from each team.

Managing Your Team

You must select your team of 11 by the League Deadline.

All your points for the Day will be scored by these 11 players, there are no substitutions and no bench players.

Selecting a Captain and a Vice-Captain

From your starting 11 you must nominate a captain and a vice-captain. Your captain's score will be tripled. Your Vice captain's score will be doubled.

If any player does not play during a Day then those players will not earn any points.


After creating your team you can buy and sell players in the transfer market. Unlimited transfers can be made for any team before the League Deadline.

There is no points penalty for making transfers.

After a League Deadline passes, your team points will be processed according to the players saved at the point of the dewadline passing.

Player Prices

Player prices change during the competition season dependent on the performance of the player in each match. Player prices do not change until the season starts.

Once the season has begun, if a Player's points average falls below 2.0 (points per match), his price will fall.

If a Player's points average rises above 4.5 (points per Round), his price will rise.


All changes to your team (transfers, formations, captain changes, vice captain changes) must be made by the League Deadline in order to take effect for that set of matches.

If you do select any players after paying to enter a league, we will take your team as it is (empty) and process it with all other teams , meaning you will earn zero points. It is your responsibility to pick your 11 players after entering a league.

Deadlines are subject to change but will usually be 1 hour before the kick-off time of the first match of the Day.


During the Matchday, your fantasy football players will earn points based on their performance in their match as shown in the table below:

Clean Sheets

A clean sheet is awarded to a player for starting a match, and not conceding a goal, and playing at least 65 minutes. If a player has been substituted/sent off before his team concedes a goal this WILL erase his clean sheet points.


Assists are awarded to the player from the goal scoring team, who makes the final pass before a goal is scored.
No assists are awarded for winning penalties

Bonus Points

ONLY Players who earn 10 points and above in a match will be ranked for bonus points.
A maximum of 3 players will receive bonus points for any one match.
3 points will be awarded to the highest scoring player, 2 to the second best and 1 to the third best.

No players who earn less than 10 points will ever receive bonus points.

For starting and playing at least 65 min 2
For each goal scored (except penalty kicks) 5
For each penalty kick scored 4
For each goal assist 3
For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper 7
For a clean sheet by a defender 5
For a clean sheet by a midfielder 2
For each penalty miss -2
Bonus points for the best players in a match 1-3
For each yellow card -1
For each 2nd yellow card -2
For each red card -3
For each own goal -3
Brought on as sub 1
Substituted -1

Winners and Payouts

When all the fixtures in a day have concluded the League will be marked as 'Settled'. You can then see your finishing position in the League Table for the league you entered.

Different Leagues pay out to a different number of the top positons, so you must check the league rules before you enter.

If your team finishes in a winning position, you will be awarded a cash payout in accordance to that league's prize table.

In the event of a points tie between teams, the team with the overall lowest Team Value will be positioned higher, meaning it is in interest to get maximum points with the cheapest players possible. If there is still a tie then priority is given to the team with the highest scoring Captain, followed by the highest scoring Vice Captain

After we have verified points and ensured there are no chargebacks, the prize winners' accounts will be credited with their winnings and the League will be marked as 'PAID'. You will then be able to see your winnings reflected in your account balance. You can then use your winnings to enter more leagues, or of course, you can withdraw your money!

In order for us to pay out cash prizes you MUST make a Payout Request to us with correct bank details.

To make a Payout Request log in and go to your Account/Details area and select 'Payout' from the menu. Or click HERE. Fill the form with your correct Name of Bank and Account number. We will then verify bank details and make a direct bank tranfer to you.

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